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Zoids - Draw it again Commission by pillowds
Somewhere on Zi by NeoHydra77
Zoids wip 1 by XantheUnwinArt
Zoids S-Blaster: Tremor BCAS support unit by DGDSND01
Theme Winners
Zoids Battle by Nyiaj
Owlganoid by littleMURE
Zephyr by LlamaTHEDragon
Zoids: A VERY IMPORTANT BATTLE by deathbybroccoli
Liger Zero - Traditional by Kia350-90812
NCA-02 by camelpardia
Gul Tiger by AuroraLion
ZOIDS - Hammerhead Ocean Patrol by AaronAsher
Model Customs
Leviathan by SlowerThanZero
Lightning Saix Storm by AuroraLion
Shadow Fox and Liger Zero side by side by kerosoldier
Liger zero panzer unleashed by kerosoldier
Leviathan 3 by SlowerThanZero
Flexy Leviathan by SlowerThanZero
Leviathan 2 by SlowerThanZero
Leviathan - Mug Shot by SlowerThanZero
Bit Cloud Cosplay by paul375
King Gojulas first testrun by destinyarchon
King Gojulas by destinyarchon
DIS MUH TAIL by Que-Sera-Sera
Icons and Stamps
I got the moves like by spartan049820
Fury Wallpapers by HanyoutaiKyoushu
Konig Wolf Tags by HanyoutaiKyoushu
Konig Wolf Tag by HanyoutaiKyoushu
Shadowfox Insignia by skipaway
Blade Liger by ellexea
Battle of the Blades by ellexea
Death Stinger Nope Nope Nope by ellexea
Theme - OCT-NOV - ZFA Cover









...for cosplay or decoration?

LigerZeroLindsey is redoing her Liger Zero cosplay and I've been thinking of redoing my 3-year-old tail gun as well. Figuring we could do this Kickstarter-style, as there will be leftover materials and a mold gone to waste after 2 uses!

So we need to figure out if there is any interest! The tail guns would be estimated around $50 each, maybe a little less for preorders and a little more after the fact. The original sculpt will be by LigerZeroLindsey or her husband  (you know their attention to minute detail!), and the actual gun items will be made out of high-quality resin. Not 100% sure on turnaround times just yet; this depends on when pre/orders start and when the sculpt and molds are complete. No sizes have been estimated just yet either, but intents are for a human cosplay size.

Also please note that because this is for our LZ cosplays, we won't be making another Zoid's weapon/armor, just LZ's tail gun. Maaaybe after LZ's tail gun, but only if this first one goes well.

Comment if this is something you'd be interested in buying or ask of some detail that's left out!
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Zoids Ultimate Web (Takara Tomy) (Japanese)
 ↳The official site for the model kits and games.
ShoPro's Zoids anime site
 ↳Official site for the four anime series. (Japanese)
 ↳Official shop. Only ships to Japan, but good for info on new releases.
Michiro Ueyama's site (Japanese)
 ↳Homepage of the creator of the Chaotic Century Manga,
Mercy Rabbit's Zoids Works (Japanese)
 ↳The guy who did the art for Zoids Generations and various boxes.

Fan Sites
Zoids Wiki
 ↳It's a Zoids wiki!
Zoids On! wiki (Japanese)
 ↳Lots of info if you can read Japanese
Liger's Union
 ↳HaTcH's anime fansite. Has lots of screenshots and amvs, as well as a fanart gallery.
Tilly's Zoids
 ↳Has a bit of everything. Model reviews/photos, battle story translations, fanwork…
 ↳yay shameless plugging. More battle story translations and a half-done dictionary.
Armoured Dreamland (Japanese)
 ↳Lots of battle story, including the EX booklets and theories.
10 years later (Japanese)
 ↳Model kit photos and info.
 ↳UK Zoids comic scans!
 ↳A tumblr blog with lots of awesome pictures from around the web.
Anime Admirer's - Chaotic Century/Guardian Force
Anime Admirer's - New Century
Anime Admirer's - Fuzors

Model Customs
Z-Zoo (Japanese)
 ↳A zoo of customised models.
KB's Modelling Studio (Japanese)

Zoids Poison
Zoids Evolution Forum
Phenotype's Zoids Forum
Generation Zi


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Ra-ooo Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello hello! 'u' I'm curious if this group is still active!
I didn't know how badly I needed a zoids art community til I found it, I didn't even realize there was this many artists into zoids until I found my way here.
Que-Sera-Sera Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
There is a bit of a lull but I'd like to believe we're all here <:
Ra-ooo Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well that's good to know! ;u;
Bang-Doll-SSI Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
Anybody else catch the recent Venture Brothers episode where Henchman 21 (Gary) talks about building his custom Liger Zoid? I almost fell out of my chair and had to rewind the DVR to confirm that's what he said. Yep, sure enough. Amazing! lol
Que-Sera-Sera Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Wow, that's awesome. xD Do you remember an episode title/number or what the plot was? I wanna check this out. lol
Bang-Doll-SSI Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
The title is "Momma's Boys". It happens around halfway through the episode when Gary and Hank are in the asylum and working on crafts. Gary talks about his custom Liger Zoid.
TalesOfAnAutumnFox Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
HEY SPREAD THIS AROUND! i am a zoider and me and a friend run the Zoider army on facebook, we are trying to get zoids known and become popular again, we are also trying to get it to be shown on tv again so we can have a new generation of zoid lovers like us and so we can carry on the legacy of the best anime ever! THE ZOIDER ARMY! so please like us on FB and help the cause Zoiders! heres a link to our page. [link]
destinyarchon Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
thanks for featuring my genobreaker costumes. although that photo is just the trial testrun. i got a lot of other better shots.

check out my deathsaurer and liger panzer too :3
Que-Sera-Sera Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Feel free to submit more photos to the group. c:
destinyarchon Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
oh hey are you an admin here? would love to submit more but i dont think im allowed to? cant find any submit to gallery option in the cosplay catergory @-@
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